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Health Care Info

Our aim is to make every holiday of our guests as comfortable and enjoyable as possible; The safety and security of our guests and team members remains our highest priority. Today, as the world comes to terms with an unprecedented health scare, these values are more important to us than ever. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in 2020 summer and would like inform you that the different steps we are taking are in consultation with global and local public health authorities. We hope that this unpleasant situation will end soon and remain as example of global cooperation between nations and people how to react in covid 19 pandemic.

Health First Certificate PDF

According to this year’s EU and government health protection directives, our Season 2021

(Care) plan consists of the following:

Public Areas

-All our staff this year will have their smiles hidden behind facemasks. We will all be greeted from a distance and our hands, even thoroughly clean, will not offer any handshakes and hugs. We have made arrangements to all public areas so that social distancing can be more easily achieved. There will also be hand sanitation stations, distancing markings and reminding notices available everywhere.

-Ventilation this year is even more essential. In public areas (lobby, restaurant) we will

avoid using AC whenever possible and keep the sea breeze in for fresh air.


-All our cleaning schedules and protocols are enhanced and special equipment will be used. In addition to those, all checked-out rooms will be thoroughly disinfected, certified clean and kept vacant for at least 24hours before set ready for new guests.

-Our staff will try to keep entering your room to the minimum. Therefore, on arrival you can choose weather to allow room-cleaning service every second day or avoid it at all.

-Do not worry though, we will be delivering clean linen and resupply you with all essentials immediately on your request.

Some of the non-essential room equipment like decorative fabrics and pillows, printed material, mini-bar stock will be removed.


Full Breakfast, will be served at our Breakfast Hall daily. We have set the tables in a distance to meet social distancing measures and we will be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all equipment used. In order to avoid large gatherings in the Breakfast Hall we have set specific timeline groups that you will have access to the Breakfast Hall according your room number.

Our delicious buffets will be there as usually but our staff will be there, in their

protective equipment, happy to serve you themselves. Our restaurant managers will be there too to implement all the social distancing measures needed.

We fully understand your need to retire in your own safe harbor (your room) therefore we have enhanced our Room Service offering for breakfast, light meals and drinks throughout the day.


Our Spa, (massage-sauna) will remain closed this year.

The gym, will be operating in a time-slot managed capacity only by appointment.

Our pool and beach will be operating as usually, with some added social distancing measures and their own disinfection protocols.

All the above measures –and plenty more behind the scenes – will be based on your

cooperation with our staff. That entire staff is thoroughly trained, in particular on this (care) plan and special hygiene protocols. In addition to that, all actions and procedures are

monitored and certified by government officials.


The management of Pontikonisi Hotel.